Freud LU86R010 10" x 40 Tooth General Purpose Saw Blade

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Freud Industrial Series Teflon-coated thin kerf saw blade boasts smooth, clean general-purpose cutting in wood particleboard, plywood and laminates. Tri-metal brazing technique produces strong, impact resistant bond between carbide teeth and steel blade body. Specifically designed for saws under 3.5 horsepower, thin kerf blades reduce waste and power demand on your saw. Best choice for production sizing of hard and soft wood up to 3-1/2" thick with a miter saw. Excellent general purpose table saw blade.

This 10-inch, 40-tooth, thin kerf general purpose blade from Freud gives you ultra long life and excellent finish on both the top and bottom of laminates, melamines, and plywoods. The Perma-Shield permanent non-stick coating prevents heat build-up, gumming, and corrosion for long life. This blade's anti-vibration reeds practically eliminate vibration for clean, true cuts every time. The ideal working range is from 3/4 to 3-1/2-inches thick for crosscutting, and 1/4 to 1-inch thick for ripping. Thinner or thicker material may be cut, but some loss of surface finish may occur.

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A Solid General Purpose Workhorse At An Affordable Price

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This is a very good blade at a fair price (~ $42 street price). Freud’s Industrial series (denoted by an “L” in the prefix) offers a step up from their entry level Diablo and former TK/Avanti series. The larger teeth are C4 micrograin carbide and are very sharp. They feature an alternating top bevel grind (ATB) and a fairly steep 15 degree hook angle that helps it rip reasonably well.
The blade has anti-vibration slots and a Permashield coating. I bought the LU86 as a back up to my Forrest 40T WWII TK some years ago. It cuts cleanly on a wide variety of cuts and materials, and rips well up to about 2” thick material. As expected from a general purpose blade, it’ll do a very good job of alot of cutting tasks, but does not cut as well in the extreme regions as a good dedicated blade will. The advantage is that it’s versatile enough to leave in the saw for about 90% of my applications. I find it crosscuts well enough for most of my needs...nearly as cleanly as my Forrest, and rips easily through most of the stock I cut. I found the LU86 cuts cleaner than my LU84 did, and cleaner than my Leitz 40T and 50T blades. Neither of these blades rips as aggressively as a good dedicated 24T TK ripping blade, so when ripping lots of material or very thick stock I switch to a rip blade. The thin kerf on the LU86 is an excellent choice for saw’s under 3hp. If you’re looking for one good blade that doesn’t break the bank, the LU86 is a great choice in a general purpose thin kerf blade.

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