Freud 8'' Dial-A-Width Dado Set SD608



Experience the speed and convenience of a stacked dado without the need for shim adjustments with the Freud SD608 Eight-Inch Dial-a-Width Stacked Dado Set. This patented dial system clicks into place to allow blade-width adjustments up to .906 inch in fine 0.004-inch increments. Included are two razor-sharp blades that cut with ultimate precision, so you can achieve clean edges and flat bottoms. This versatile dado set is designed for the serious woodworker set and cuts a wide range of materials from hardwood to laminate.

Exclusive Dial-a-Width System for Quick, No-Shim Adjustments
The Freud SD608 is an innovative dado set, ideal for serious woodworkers who require an efficient and precise way to create precise, flat-bottom dadoes. It combines the clean, high-quality results of a traditional stacked dado set with the speed and precision of a dial dado. By eliminating the need for adding or removing shims, this set works quickly to help you tackle more jobs in less time.

And because producing the perfect dado is often reliant upon finding the perfect blade width, this set allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments up to .906 inch. Each click of the dial moves the blade 0.004 inch, so you have total control over the precision of the cut. Just use the included wrench to make safe and easy adjustments by loosening the dial, clicking it to the desired width, and retightening.

Razor-Sharp Blades for Smooth, Splinter-Free Dadoes
So you can achieve perfect results every time, the set includes two proprietary razor-sharp outside blades. These high-quality eight-inch, 24-tooth blades with 5/8-inch arbors cut dadoes and grooves that are clean, flat, and virtually splinter free.

Best of all, the Freud SD608 adjusts easily to right- and left-operating machines and accommodates a wide range of materials, so you can use it from project to project. Use it to create dadoes and grooves in hardwood, softwood, chip board, plywood, and laminate (not recommended for non-ferrous materials).

Four-Wing Chippers for Truly Flat-Bottom Grooves
The set's five included chippers (four 1/8-inch chippers and one 3/32-inch chipper) save you time and energy. With their four-wing design, they efficiently remove waste material and smooth the edges of your work pieces.

MicroGrain Carbide Tips for Long-Lasting Performance
So you can get maximum performance out of this set, the blade components are constructed with Freud's TiCo Hi-Density Carbide. This means the blades can withstand numerous sharpenings and still retain their precision. And a Tri-metal Brazing process gives the blades impact resistance, so they last for the long term without dulling (a condition that can cause torn wood and uneven cuts).

What's in the Box
Freud SD608 Eight-Inch Dial-a-Width Stacked Dado Set, including two eight-inch blades (with 5/8-inch dadoes), one wrench, four 1/8-inch chippers, and one 3/32-inch chipper. Storage case included.

Product Description
The Dial-A-Width Dado set performs like a stacked dado, but Freud has replaced the shims with a patented dial system, and their exclusive Dial hub ensures accurate adjustments. Each click of the dial adjusts the blade by .004". The Dial-A-Width is easy to use and very precise. Set includes two outside blades, five chippers, a wrench and a carrying case. 5/8" arbor

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