Zero-Clearance Throat Insert system

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Tired of throwing away money on non-replaceable inserts for your SawStop table saw? Then this new accessory is just what you've been looking for. Our new replaceable insert Zero Clearance throat plate for your Saw Stop tablesaw uses inexpensive inserts that can be replaced as often as needed. Precision CNC machined from billet aluminum and guaranteed to never twist, bow or warp. We hard anodized them to guarantee non-conductivity, the insert has been tested and is guaranteed not to trip the safety mechanism of your SawStop. The insert is designed to be used with or without your riving knife and is made for both single blade and dado cuts, it's really nice to not have to use a separate insert for both. It also features full blade clearance no matter the tilt angle.

Fitment is easy; just take your stock plastic insert plate out and replace it with our new aluminum Saw Stop Zero Clearance Plate. It's that easy, you'll never have to buy another overpriced plastic plate again! From now on all you need to do is replace the removable insert for all your different width saw blades and dado saw blades.

Please note: If you have our original aluminum Saw Stop ZCI (purchased in 2012) and you need replacement inserts, please order part #100-336. If you are buying replacement inserts for this ZCI (updated model) then you must purchase insert item #100-337.

Please note: The Z.C.I. ships with two inserts, one that has a riving knive slot and the other which does not.

Features of this table saw insert include:

Precision C.N.C. machined from aluminum
X and Y snugger screws for a perfect fit
Hard anodized for years of service and guaranteed non-conductive
Fits ALL SawStop table saw models
Works with your Riving Knife
Guaranteed to not trip the safety mechanism of you SawStop
Finger hole for quick in-out access
Replaceable wood inserts for lifetime zero-clearance for all dado settings and single kerf angles
New wood inserts made for a zero-pinch zero-clearance slot for standard riving knives
Back T-slots for quicker in-out access and sturdier anti-flip back safety
No need for cumbersome back screws and handle.
More great features:

Excellent durability & resistance to wear
Will remain flat and true, unlike plastic or wood throat plates
Melamine surface on wood inserts has high lubricity for frictionless sliding
Higher density for reduced vibration
Instructions included
This is an aftermarket item produced for Infinity Cutting Tools and is not an official SawStop branded product.

WOOD magazine review

Get zero clearance with replaceable inserts

Review Summary

I try to always use a zero-clearance throat insert on my tablesaw to guard against tear-out. But new phenolic inserts for my SawStop tablesaw cost $30–$40 each; that adds up when you use a half-dozen or more inserts like I do. With Infinity’s insert system (made specifically to fit SawStop tablesaws), you buy the sturdy aluminum plate once, and replace the disposable 1/4" melamine-coated MDF inserts as needed.
You get two inserts with the initial unit, but you can buy a four-pack of replacements for $14 (part no. 100-337). Or, simply make your own to fit. The inserts have beveled edges for a secure, dovetailed fit in the plate. You can use them with or without a riving knife or blade guard; simply slot the rear portion to fit your saw’s setup. —Tested by John Olson, WOOD Magazine Design Editor

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