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MiterSet help you adjust your miter gauge to virtually any angle in .5° increments from a 90° cut to a 52.5° cut, either left and right handed.

A similar product called MiterSet For Segments is designed for woodworkers who make segmented bowls and innovative picture frames, allowing you to adjust your miter gauge simply by the number of segments wanted.

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For $30 you can make *any* miter gauge accurate

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I’ve got several miter gauges in my shop, including a 40-year-old Rockwell that doesn’t have a pointer anymore—so I could never be certain of its accuracy. MiterSet has returned value to that gauge by allowing me to precisely set miter angles without using the gauge’s scale. This handy little 6" square of 3/4"-thick, laminate-topped Baltic birch plywood has a 3⁄8×3⁄4" miter bar groove down the center.
Precisely drilled, symmetrical holes on each side of the slot indicate 5° increments and accept two metal pins. To use the MiterSet, simply place one pin into the 0° hole on one side, and the other pin into the desired angle setting on the other side. Slide your loosened miter-gauge head against both pins, and then tighten the knob. To obtain angles not divisible by five—22-1⁄2°, for example—insert the stepped fine-adjusting bar between the head and the pins. The notches on the bar help you set any angle to within 1⁄2°. How accurate is the MiterSet? I used it set to 22-1⁄2° angles in my pointerless Rockwell gauge, and then cut an octagonal frame (eight pieces with 22-1⁄2° miters on each end). They fit together without the slightest gap. —Tested by Dean Fiene

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