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Kreg PRS3020


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The True-FLEX Featherboard gets its name from the careful engineering that went into its design. Many featherboards on the market today apply too much pressure or not enough pressure to the workpiece, resulting in imperfect cuts and less than safe operation. Each finger of the True-FLEX featherboard is designed to provide a consistent and optimum pressure. The featherboard is made from an extremely durable plastic composite body and includes an exclusive wedge-lock system. Whether youre using a miter-slot or a T-slot, working on a table saw or a router table, the wedge-lock system adjusts accordingly and lets you work with confidence.

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I've been using both the Kreg and Rockler feather boards for several years now and they are both well made and work well. They both have the same distance of adjust-ability. The Kreg has plastic expansion bars and the Rockler has metal ones, which may hold up better over time. The Kreg feathers seem just slightly stiffer than Rocklers, which I prefer.
The knobs on the Rockler are larger and easier to tighten, but have a greater tendency to get in the way if used as hold downs on a fence.The fingers on both brands can be reversed to work in either direction,and can be used in a stacked position with multiple feather boards for greater range of use. Overall I prefer using the Kreg for the previous mentioned reasons, but it may be a toss up for you depending on where and how your going to use them and the price you can get them for.

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