JessEm Clear Cut TS Stock Guides

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Unique roller system holds down workpiece and pushes into fence for precision stock feed
1-1/2" urethane one-way rollers set at 5° toward fence and 2-3/4" total adjustment
Maximum stock thickness from router table surface to 9/16" below center of T-slot
Compatible with most router table fences with a horizontal 1/4" T-slot above the fence faces
Includes one infeed stock guide, one outfeed stock guide and detailed instructions
Two adjustable roller guides that keeps a board tight against the saw fence.

Clear-Cut TS™ Stock Guides come with (2) stock guides, (1) 30" t-slot mounting track, (1) drill bit (for drilling pilot holes for mounting), all necessary mounting hardware and T-25 Torx screwdriver for mounting track to your fence.
30" mounting tracks can also be be purchased individually.

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I really hesitated buying this item because of the price, but now I feel it's worth and price. Right out of the box I knew I had a QUALITY product. Nothing about these guides are "cheap". Plenty of heft and solid metal with precision engineering. I had taken down an old garage built in 1930 and knew I had a lot of ripping to do and if this product did as described it would really be worth the price.
With these guides you don't have to use feather boards and the guides keep the board tight to the fence due to the rollers being skewed to the right so the board is always pressed to the right against the fence. There is also a safety factor involved here as you don't have to worry about the board not being "tight". Very easy to install, adjust and take down if needed. Only takes about 10 seconds to setup and take down once the guide rail is installed on top of your fence, which installs in about one minute. Highly recommended if you can afford the price.

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