In-Line Industries A-Line-It Deluxe Kit

In-Line Industries
A-Line-It Complete


With the A-Line-It, you get everything you'll need to thoroughly check your machines in one package. The patented spring and nut assembly makes the A-Line-It the only tool in the U.S. that will allow you to determine whether the run-out in the saw blade is caused by the blade, the arbor, or a combination of both.

The A-Line-It can be configured to perform many tests on the equipment in your shop in just a couple of minutes. Some of the things you will be testing include:

Tablesaw Alignment
Arbor Shaft Runout
Arbor Flange & Saw Blade Runout
Rip Fence Alignment
Jointer Knife Position
Jointer Depth of Cut
Planer Alignment
Drill Press Squaring
Drill Press Chuck Runout

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