Grip-Tite Anti-Kickback Splitter

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*Splitter moves left or right to align perfectly with any blade.

*Change splitter pin diameter to match blade kerf.

*Unscrew and remove splitter in seconds with your fingers.

*Two “easyout” screw hook splitter pins included- .075 and.115 for thin kerf and 1/8” blades.

*Easily install into a 1/2” zero clearance throatplate. Just drill a 3/4” diameter hole, 1/4” deep into the plate. Splitter holder is held in place with a screw after splitter is rotated into alignment with blade.

*Resists kickback better than fin type splitters.

WOOD magazine review

Grip-Tite Anti-Kickback Splitter

Review Summary

Install the splitter's mounting disc into a counterbored pocket you drill into a shop-made insert. Install the included pin in one of the discs holes and rotate the disc to make the pin flush with the edge of the blade, then lock it in place with the center screw. To remove the pin, simply pull it out with a pliers. Or you could install the disc in a shop-made throat plate and simply change throat pklates when you need the splitter's protection.
(At this price, you can afford to buy individual splitters for each insert plate.) In our tests, the Grip-Tite splitter worked as well as the others that cost more than 10 times as much, and it works with virtually any tablesaw. However, with no pawls, our test workpieces tended to creep back. Put the money you save toward an overarm blade guard.

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