Edward J. Bennett Co. TS-Aligner Jr. Lite

Edward J. Bennett Co.
TS-Aligner Jr. Lite


* Tablesaw: Virtually all adjustments including:
o Blade heel (alignment to the miter slots)
o Fence alignment (to the miter slots)
o Fence squareness
o Miter gauge squareness and angles
o Blade squareness and tilt angles
o Sliding table alignment
o Splitter alignment
* Bandsaw:
o Table squareness
o Table angles
o Fence alignment
* Jointer:
o Fence squareness/angles
* Shaper/Router table
o Fence offset
o Fence Alignment
* Radial Arm Saw. Virtually all adjustments.
o RS-Aligner accessory and miter gauge required.
* Stationary Disc-Belt sander
o Table squareness and angles
* Mitersaw
o Blade squareness and angles
o Fence squareness and angles

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