Osborne EB-3 Miter Gauge

WOOD magazine rating


• Abrasive face on the front of the fence to prevent any movement of the workpiece during the cut.
• Accurate right out of the box.
• Three expansion slots in the guide bar, which provide a more positive fit in your saw. The adjustment is made from the top to easily & quickly establish the perfect fit.
• New fence extension allows for solid support of long material and carries the flip stop out to 42".
• Fence adjustment from side to side to put blade clearance exactly where you want it.
• Accuracy within 1/30th degree right out of the box, but includes a simple and precise ZERO calibration adjustment feature should the need arise.
• The index on the telescoping arm allows you to set specific angles. There are 20 preset/auto-locating settings. They are at each 5 degree increment and at 22-1/2 degrees for frequently used angles. Half or even quarter degree settings can be selected by visually splitting the space between the angle indicator lines.

WOOD magazine review

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Review Summary

High points: You can cut 20 miter angles with confidence using the preset detents, and its fence flip-stop reaches nearly 40" from the blade. The EB-3 fits easily to the miter slot thanks to top-access setscrews that widen the slotted bar. A reference guide on the miter bar indicates miter angles for projects with 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 sides. (Due to a manufacturing change, the price will drop to $125 on Aug.
1, 2013, according to president David Osborne.) Low points: Setting non-detent miter angles can be hit or miss depending on your ability to line up the marks to the arrow pointer, which is elevated above the scale. You can make miter cuts beyond 45°, but the scale has no markings to guide you. More points: It’s the only test model with abrasive on the fence to prevent workpieces from slipping during cuts, but with no T-slots on the fence front, you can’t attach an auxiliary face with bolts, and the abrasive prevents the use of double-faced tape.

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