JDS Accu-Miter 24-46 Miter Gauge

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Accu-Miter 24-46


The Accu-Miter 18-34 has a rigid 18" front fence with a telescopic inner rail that extends to 34". Equipped with a microadjusting stop, the adjustable Accu-Bar, and a tapered shot pin system, this miter gauge is the ultimate tool for making accurate cuts.

The unique shot pin feature allows you to quickly select and accurately achieve angles of 15, 22.5, 30, 45 and 90. The spring loaded shot pin locates into openings with extreme accuracy. This means no more time consuming trial and error set up. The Accu-Miter's tapered shot pin mechanism assures dead-on accuracy year after year. The maximum margin of error is one minute, 43 seconds. That's less than 1/30 of a degree!

With the Accu-Miter, you'll achieve accurate multiple cut-offs quickly and precisely. You no longer have to try to cut on a pencil line. Just use the microadjust flip stop on the outer rail fence or the end stop on the telescoping inner rail fence. Using the micro adjusting stop on the outer rail fence, the maximum cut is 18". Using the telescoping inner rail end stop, the maximum cut is 34".

WOOD magazine review

Heavy duty gauge with telescoping fence

Review Summary

High points: Nine miter detents, secured by a spring-loaded pin, ensure accurate cuts at the most common angles. A swing-out length stop at the end of the fence gives you repeatable accuracy up to 47". We found the two length stops—the main flip-stop works only on the fence up to 24-1⁄2"—accurate and easy to use, and the flip-stop has our favorite microadjuster of the test group.
The miter bar fits easily with top-side adjusters. Low points: At nearly 12 lbs, we found this miter gauge cumbersome to lift onto the saw. We found it more difficult, compared to other test models, to read the miter-angle markings of non-detent angles. More points: You can turn this gauge into a sled by elevating the fence 3⁄4" and attaching any 3⁄4"-thick panel. You can buy an optional hold-down clamp ($59) that mounts to the Accu-Miter head.

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