Incra Miter 3000SE miter gauge

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Miter 3000SE


The Miter 3000 Special Edition builds on the outstanding platform provided by the Miter 3000. The Incra exclusive AngleLOCK Indexing System delivers 364 lock solid angle stops in 5°, 1° and 1/2° increments over a full 180° range with continuous adjustability between all 1/2° settings. Combine this with the included GlideLOCK Miter Bar, Telescoping IncraLOCK Cuto-off Fence and the Incra Flip Shop Stop, and you'll easily achieve mitering accuracy that you never thought possible. The Miter 3000SE by INCRA delivers perfect, repeatable accuracy.

First time, Every time, Any angle.

GlideLOCK Miter Bar
The expansion disks adjust both sides of the bar for ZERO side play, anti-friction travel on all table saws with standard 3/4" x 3/8" or near-standard miter gauge channels, including Delta, Craftsman, imports, etc. This means that all of INCRA's incredible precision will actually show up in your work because the bar CAN'T wiggle around in the miter slot.

Special Edition Telescoping INCRA-LOCK Fence
This Special Edition Miter Fence telescopes from 27" to a full 49" length. Includes the Dual Flip Shop Stop and INCRA's patented Automatic Positioning Control.

AngleLOCK Indexing
Precision angle indexing teeth are laser cut in solid steel to lock in 364 positive angle stops in 1/2°, 1° or 5° increments over a full 180° range. it's also continuously adjustable between 1/2° steps.

INCRA Miter 3000SE Features:
364 Positive Stop in 1/2° Increments
New Extender-Bar Fence Telescopes from 27" to 49"
GlideLOCK Miter Bar Adjusts to Fit Any Standard Table Saw
INCRA Flip Shop Stop Positioner
Indexing Every 1/2° Plus Continuous Adjustment Between 1/2° Steps

WOOD magazine review

Incredibly accurate, but a little cumbersome

Review Summary

High points: Capable of setting 365 miter angles with detents (every 1/2° from 90° side-to-side, using a combination of two detent scales), this gauge seemingly can’t make an inaccurate cut once calibrated to the saw.
It uses the same fence stop as the Miter 1000HD, but its 27"-long fence extends to a test-topping 52". Low points: Setting miter angles other than those marked with detents every 5° or the 22.5° stops can be puzzling if you don’t do it often because you must first select a detent on the main scale to the nearest 5°, then use the secondary scale (page 55) to pinpoint the exact angle. Fence adjustments require the included hex wrench as on the Miter 1000HD. Its overall length and weight make it more cumbersome to use than other models with fences. More points: With a miter bar 2-1/2" longer than the Miter 1000HD, this gauge handles wider panels, but its longer, heavier fence causes it to drop and bind slightly more in the slot.

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