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Magswitch MagFence Combo Kit

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Magswitch Technology holds your work on any steel or cast-iron table. The Magswitch Universal base accepts either 20mm or 30mm MagJigs. Modular design accepts the dual roller fence and single roller resaw fence and will accomodate future Magswitch products.

WOOD magazine review

Versatile magnetic jig provides a heloping hand—or two

Review Summary

The Magswitch MagFence Combo Kit works as an auxiliary fence or hold-in on any steel or cast-iron surface. This kit comes with a base, two turn-on- and-off magnetic MagJigs, a Dual-Roller Guide for holding stock flat against a fence or tabletop, and a MagFence Resaw Guide for resawing on a bandsaw. The MagJigs fit into two holes on the base, and when you turn their knobs a quarter-turn they lock onto the surface with incredible strength.
I used the MagFence kit in every application where I might need a helping hand: to hold stock against the fences on my tablesaw, jointer, and shaper; to hold down boards while face-jointing on my jointer; and to hold workpieces squarely on my drill press. Never a problem. I even used two of the Resaw Guides, with their 7-1/2° tapered faces on each side of the blade, to sandwich my board while resawing on my bandsaw, and still had 15° of steering room to counter blade drift. And for those times when the Mag- Fence might not work, I can take the MagJigs out and use them in other shopmade jigs, such a dust-hose holder on my oscillating spindle sander. —Tested by Randy Zimmerman

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