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Mag-Dro Mitre Slot Caliper Base

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Get precise measurements right where you need them with the help of the Mag-Dro® Mitre Slot Base! Connects quickly and easily to any caliper and fits in the 3/4" slot on your table saw, router, bandsaw, and more.

Fits most 6" calipers
Connects and disconnects to your caliper in seconds
Can be used in a variety of 3/4" table slots or clamped or screwed to a flat surface
Enables fast and precise measuring using a fixed point
Use it to check fence squareness against your mitre slot
Virtually unlimited applications - perfect for jigs
Made in the USA

Reader Reviews

accurate/ inexpensive table saw tuning

Review Summary

I just couldn't see spending hundreds of dollars to tune up my table saw so I purchased this simple and inexpensive jig that fits snugly in the miter slot. Simply mount your dial caliper in this and snap it in your miter slot. I set the blade and fence parallel to the miter slots on my new Delta Unisaw in short order with this and it worked beautifully. I had previously made my own jig to accomplish this, but it wasn't as accurate or as easy to assemble as this one.
It's made out of plastic but snaps into the slot so by design it is self adjusting to always stay snug in the slot. Super simply design and it's not like we tune up our machines very often, so for the price you just can't beat what it does. A great value IMO !

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