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Rockwell Blade Runner

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Blade Runner


Get more bang for your buck with a saw that does it all! This multi-purpose saw makes straight cuts or curved cuts on everything from wood and metal to ceramic tile, plastic, PVC and more.
Use it in your shop or take it to your job site - weighs just over 17 lbs.
Uses standard T-shank jigsaw blades
Change blades in under 3 seconds
Attaches to any shop vac for quick cleanup

Save time and money with this versatile saw. Change blades in less than three seconds to cut wood, metal, tile and more. Includes five standard T-shank jigsaw blades.Features and benefits:
Portable saw weighs just over 17 lbs. and has a convenient carrying handle so you can take it anywhere
Vacuum hose attachment lets you hook up to any shop vac for a clean work space
Large 17" x 15-3/4" stainless steel work surface lets you keep both hands on your work for safer, accurate cuts
Make difficult curved cuts or perfect circles as easily as making long, straight cuts
Magnetic blade storage drawer so you're ready for every cutting situation
Combination miter gauge and rip fence for angled cuts and long, straight cuts
Variable speed motor for controlled cuts
Adjustable safety guard covers the blade
Rockwell's highest professional grade motor with a 2-year warranty for peace of mind
Voltage: 120V~60Hz
Amperage: 5.5A
No load speed: 800-2800/min
Stroke length: 7/8"
Table Size: 17" x 15-3/4"
Blade Type: uses standard T-shank jigsaw blades (includes five)
Cuts wood, plastic, aluminum, ceramic or mild steel
Weight: 17.6 lbs

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Rockwell Blade Runner

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Even though I would not have bought it for myself, I like the way it works... Any user has to take into account that this is not much more than a regular jig saw (B&D) or the like so it does not have the power to cut 2" stock.... It does not like hard wood too much, even though it will cut it if you take your time... I found that the wood hold down comes in handy most of the time... However that being said I found out that hard wood molding worked pretty well....
Blade changing is real easy also..... This unit was a Christmas gift.. I had seen these a few times, my thought was that they were not for me.... However because it was a gift I was going to give it a go.... In the box included was the frame maker, and circle cutter, and wall mount..... I have to say that using it was a surprise for me... I make trivets for craft shows during the summer months, and found that cutting the frames for the trivets was easy with the blade runner.... It took no measuring, or setup to get the job done.. I measured the plywood for the base then set the jig to that size with the attachment attached to the jig.. Even though the directions said that the size did not need to be adjusted I had to tweak it a bit for the first cutout... My trivets are not all the same size as the tile I use if left over from construction projects. The user has to keep in mind that this unit is not much more than a Jig saw mounted in a table so it will not do heavy stuff..... I found that the circle cutter worked pretty well, as I made the knobs for my homemade router table fence... I made them from scraps so one was pine, one was maple, one was 3/4" ply, and one was made from cherry.... All the materials were taken from my scrap barrel... When cutting circles I set the size, then slid the jig into the blade until it clicked into place, and because the center is held in with 4 screws (provided) all that is required is to draw a line between the screw hole for center..... All in all, I thought this was a nice unit, and even though I would not have bought it for myself it is a keeper.... Dave F. USAF E6 Retired

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