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Porter-Cable 16" Scrollsaw #PCB370SS

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* Aluminum work table (12-43/64"x18-1/2") for large overall support surface
* Table top scale for accurate bevel readings from 0-45 degrees left or right
* Variable speeds (500-1500 SPM) with conveniently located upfront controller
* Includes steel stand to provide proper support and comfort operation
* Tool-less blade holder design uses standard 5" length pinned and blank end blades
* Adjustable gooseneck work light for better illumination of work area
* Built-in adjustable dust blower and dust port for sawdust management
* Large aluminum frame with cast iron base to reduce vibration and provide precised cutting platform
* Convenient compartment located on side of base for extra blade storage
* Motor: 1.6 Amp
* Motor Control: Variable Speed
* Speed: 500 - 1500 SPM
* Blade Length: 5 "
* Capacity: 16 "
* Stroke Length: 11/16 "
* Table Size: 12-43/64 x 18-1/2 "
* Table Tilt: 45 L&R °
* Height: 46 "
* Width: 21 "
* Length: 16 "
* Weight: 47.36 lbs

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I don't know if I should keep it or spend more for better

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So it is my first scroll saw, and it did a pretty good job at cutting out a doll shape that I tested and now I am giving it to my daughter. It was very easy to change the blade off and on and I have read that it takes pinless blades too. What I did not like was the vibration and it felt like the speed was too low at it's max, and just as I saw on a video on youtube, the speed actuates. Overall it did what is supposed to do but I keep reading about the Dewalt which is about $300 more.
It's hard to make up my mind if I should or keep what I have which is not something I'll be using alot.

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