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Central Machinery 16" Scrollsaw #93012

Harbor Freight/Central Machinery


Harbor Freight's variable-speed scroll saw does a nice job cutting highly intricate curves and designs quickly and precisely. 5" scroll saw blades can also be removed and re-inserted in a pre-drilled starting hole to cut designs even within your workpiece. Includes a 15-teeth-per-inch (TPI) scroll saw blade for 1/8"-to 1-1/2"-thick wood and 1/4" to 1-3/4" soft metals, wallboard and hardboard. You also get an 18-TPI blade for extra-thin cuts on soft wood and other materials up to 1/4" thick. Integrated air bellows keeps the cutting area clear; also includes 1-1/2"-O.D. vacuum port. Cast iron base for less vibration; holes for easy bench mounting.

* Removable safety insert.
* Variable speed, 400 to 1600 strokes per minute
* Cuts wood up to2" thick (with a 10-TPI blade, not included)
* Table tilts 45 degrees left for bevel cuts
* 16" throat
* Includes one 15-TPI and one 18-TPI scroll saw blade
* Includes two blade adapters, two hex keys
* Motor: 120V, 60 Hz, single phase
* Table dimensions: 10" x 16"
* Shipping Weight: 26.90 lbs.

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