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Safety Speed Cut Panel Pro 2 Panel Saw

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Safety Speed Cut
Pro 2


This economical saw makes it easy to handle those big sheets of wood or plastic and cut them accurately - horizontally or vertically. One operator can cut large sheets of material into finished sizes or into sizes that are easy to handle. Ideal for cabinet making, building construction, remodeling, home projects, and small lumberyards. The functionality and portability of the Panel Pro allows convenient use in your shop or on the jobsite.


One person sawing that is easy and accurate
Cuts both vertically and horizontally
Vertical design takes up less space in your shop
Lightweight for portability on the job site
Saw blade is completely enclosed and behind the panel when cutting
Ready to assembly in under 30 minutes
Folding stand allows for easy storage taking up minimal space

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Panel Pro 2 Panel Saw

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An excellent addition to any shop. When your fed up with fighting 4 x 8 sheets on a table saw or unstable horses. Some folks cut sheets on cardboard boxes. I did that once and only once. This saw does make nice straight cuts vertical and horizontal. Also makes a lot of sawdust. Newer models have a dust port. Changing the blade is time consuming but when working alone but it makes the job easier.
I cut 1/8" strong then clean up on the table saw. Negatives...I did not purchase the base extensions so I have to hold the sheet up until about 1/3 into the cut and being the unit sits on wheels sometimes it moves ever so slightly.

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