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Chicago Electric 8-1/4" Radial Arm Saw #42933

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Harbor Freight/Chicago Electric


This radial arm saw lets you make complex cuts, crosscuts, even rip cuts with the same tool! This radial arm saw also includes a free 8-1/4" X 40 Tooth C2 tungsten carbide tipped saw blade for accurate cuts and a long service life.
Saw motor: 1-3/4 HP, 120V, single phase, 20.9 amp
Spindle speed: 4200 RPM
Crosscut: 11'' maximum
Rip: 20'' maximum
Depth of cuts: 2'' @ 45°, 2-1/8'' @ 90°
Bevel index stops: 0, 45 and 90°
Miter index stops: 0, 15, 30, 45, 60° left, 15, 30, 45, and 60° right
Spindle: 5/8''
Table size: 15-1/16'' x 27-5/8'' x 3/4''
Shipping Weight: 60.80 lbs.

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This was the least expensive radial arm saw I could find and that was the primary motivation behind buying it. I don't remember a purchase ever that has been more disappointing. Every aspect of this saw is poorly built and designed. I'm writing this review while I'm cooling my temper from attempting to rip a board. I can't even accomplish this since the power engage lock won't engage properly.
Among the items that don't work to any degree of accuracy or consistency: the arm can swing in an arc of about 10 degrees when the upper clamp is not tightened and the lower column allows the arm to swing about 10 degrees as well while it's engaged in one of the preset stop locations. The carriage can swing about 5 or 6 degrees from the preset locations and the saw can heel or toe in 6 or 7 degrees fom perpendicular to the table top. Needless to say this makes setting the saw a nightmare. Once you have the saw set up for cross-cutting you're not home free as the rails don't track front to back so somewhere along your cut your carriage is free to rotate in any direction out of plumb and square. After you've tightened down the upper clamp for the correct elevation the saw has a tendency to settle to a new height because of the slack in the column connection. The lever for tightening the carriage interferes with the column, inhibiting travel all the way back when cross-cutting. The kickback guard interferes with the location for a vaccuum hose hookup- the dust guide would work but it doesn't fit a standard hose size. The safety guard attachment to the saw is anything but positive and took quite a bit of forcing to put a groove in it so it would fit on in the first place. The table base is light gauge steel angle that is not 90 degree or even consistent from factory. The flexible guard frequently comes out of its track. The wire sheathing going into the motor didn't quite make it to the motor, exposing the individual wires to possible stress and breakage. As I noted at the beginning, the power engage lock is worthless and if it does engage, the tiniest bump can disengage it in the middle of your rip. You have to beware because it might re-engage while you're working to free the board, as it truly is flaky. There are no redeemable aspects of this saw, period. I like to tinker with things to make them work but there is nothing worth devoting attention to since everything is equally, horribly flawed. The motor is extremely noisy and with the arcing I see through the plastic case I don't expect that to last either. If I can dissuade anybody from buying this I'll feel I've done a good deed- maybe even saved a life.

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