Kobalt 7-1/4" Sliding Compound Mitersaw #SM1850LW



Maximum crosscut up to 2" x 8"-ideal capacity for moulding and framing cuts
Light weight due to compact die-cast aluminum construction-easy to move from storage to jobsite
Vertically mounted laser guide projects accurate pre-cutting line for precise alignment
Positive miter and bevel stops for accurate placement of most used angles
Dual slide rail system with linear bearings allows for smooth and accurate operation
Hold-down clamp provides workpiece stability during miter, bevel and compound cuts
Tall, die-cast aluminum fence gives support during setup and cutting
1-1/4" vacuum port for dust collection with standard wet/dry vacuum

Amps: 9.0
Blade Diameter: 7.25"
Laser: Yes
Maximum Bevel Degrees: 45.0
Cutting Capacity: 8.0"
Blade Speed: 5000.0 RPM
UL Safety Listing: No
CSA Safety Listing: Yes
ETL Safety Listing: No
Slide: Yes
Dual Bevel: No
Compound: Yes
Straight: No

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