Bosch 4405 10" Sliding Compound Mitersaw

WOOD magazine rating


* Up-Front Controls - Exclusive feature provides easy and efficient access to miter and bevel angle settings.
* Quick Release Fence - For fast and easy adjustment.
* Dual Workpiece Supports - Extends material support from 21" to 36".
* Exclusive Wedge-and-Slot Miter Detent System - Consistent and precise miter angles over the life of the tool.
* High Visibility Bevel and Miter Scales - For easy setting of accurate bevel and miter angles.
* Crown miter detents - 31.6◦ Miter and 33.9◦ Bevel detents for quick, accurate, crown cuts.
* Miter Detent Override - For easy setting of any neighboring angle.
* Soft-grip Horizontal Handle with Ambidextrous Lockout - For comfortable repetitive cuts.
* Spindle lock - For fast easy blade changes.
* Amperage: 13
* Arbor Size: 5/8"
* Base Molding - Lying Flat: 12"
* Base Molding Angled: 3-1/2"
* Bevel Angle Range: 45◦ left to 0◦
* Bevel Detent: 33.9◦ left with positive stops at 0◦ and 45◦
* Blade Diameter: 10"
* Crown Molding - Lying Flat: 10-1/4"
* Crown Molding Angled: 4-1/4" - 38◦
* Height: 20.63"
* Length: 35.93"
* Miter Angle Range: 52◦ to left, 60◦ to right
* Miter Detents: 0◦, 15◦, 22.5◦, 31.6◦, 45◦, (Left/Right) 60◦, (Right)
* Miter Positive Stops: 31.6◦ (Left/Right)
* Miter/Bevel (Max Height x Width): 0◦/0◦- 4-1/4" x 12-1/2" (4 x 12 Nominal)
* No Load RPM: 4,700
* Voltage: 120
* Weight: 54 lbs

WOOD magazine review

Left-tilt only, but lots of great features

Review Summary

+Hits: Bosch's scaled-down slider has a lot going for it: a miter range of 60° right to 52° left with a detent override; miter and bevel stops for cutting crown molding; a front-mounted bevel lock; extension wings that add 7-1/2" of support to each side; a tall, adjustable fence with etched scales for quick reference; and a dual-position safety-switch trigger. -Misses: This saw bevels only to the left.
Its cast-aluminum miter scale has wide increment markings and proves difficult to set non-detent angles. The blade guard creates a slight hitch that you must push through before you can plunge the saw. You cannot adjust the throat-plate kerf opening. Its 4-1/2' power cord almost always will need an extension cord. And the porous dust-collection bag allows fine dust to pass through and become airborne.

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