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Bosch Gravity-Rise Wheeled Miter Saw Stand

WOOD magazine rating


Description Gravity-Rise™ Wheeled Miter Saw Stand
Horizontal Height of Stand 34-1/2"
Length 51-1/2"
Length extended 103.15"
Material Capacity 16 ft.
Stand Composition Steel
Vertical Height of Stand 48.42"
Weight of Stand (lbs.) 76.7
Wheel Diameter 8"
Width 27-3/4"

WOOD magazine review

Easy setup and rolling around

Review Summary

We love this stand for several reasons. First, the gas strut makes setting it up and folding it up so easy. You don't have to bend or lift anything! Second, the pneumatic tires make for smooth rolling around rough terrain or over things like power cords or cracks in a floor. However, they do require regular maintenance to keep them inflated.
(UPDATE: Bosch now makes this stand with hard plastic wheels rather than pneumatics—they roll around easily enough and won't need upkeep.) Third, the extensions and support for this stand are exceptional. Granted, it's heavier than most and not easy to lift into a pickup bed, but we found it better to just rest the wheeled end on the tailgate and then lift the other end, rolling it in with no problems. The one improvement we'd like to see is a handle you can use to guide the stand while it's set up for use. As it is, you have to bend down and grab the handle, not a friendly way to do it.

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