Rockler Roller Support with Universal Clamp

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Get level alignment and support for any outfeed application on any tool in your shop. Clamp easily attaches to any sawhorse built with either horizontal or vertical 2x’s (2x4, 2x6, etc.). Plus, rotating roller head accommodates any setup.

3" low profile allows the roller support to be clamped on a workbench or saw horse for use with chop saws and planers. Roller can be adjusted side to side for 11" of support over the bench from the edge. Height adjustment from 3" to 15-5/16". With 90-lb. weight capacity.

WOOD magazine review

Roller Support lends a hand almost anywhere

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Although my wife happily supports my woodworking, she’s not always happy to support wood when I’m working. Seems I’m always calling her into the shop to lend a hand with an oversize workpiece on the jointer, planer, or mitersaw. So she was pleased to see me testing Rockler’s Roller Support with Universal Clamp. This 17"-wide roller installs on nearly anything from 1" to 2-1/2" thick: a benchtop, sawhorse, you name it.
(I have an assembly table with an overhanging 3/4"-thick plywood top, and I had to shim the roller’s clamp.) The pivoting clamp grabs onto a horizontal or vertical surface, or at any angle in between—although the only situation I could imagine this being useful is to compensate for an unlevel floor. If you need to move the support side-to-side, it shifts along the roller’s axis 3-1/2" either way. At its lowest position, the roller supports stock 3" above the benchtop, making it a good choice for most mitersaws and some portable planers; it maxes out at about 15-1/4" of height. And, when you’re done for the day, the Roller Support easily hangs on the wall. —Tested by Jeff Hall

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