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Ryobi TS1552DXL 12" Compound Mitersaw

WOOD magazine rating
Ryobi Tools


* Electric Brake stops blade in seconds
* 9 positive stops at the most common miter cutting angles
* Sliding Fence
* Exactline laser alignment system accurately aligns cut line with blade
* Includes laser disc carbide tipped blade extension rails stop block work clamp rear bracket dust bag and elbow.

WOOD magazine review

Ryobi TS1552DXL 12" Compound Mitersaw

Review Summary

(This saw has been discontinued by Ryobi.) High points: The 45° miter stops proved dead-on right out of the box in our 8-miter frame test. It has the only disc-style laser that proved reliable for accurately lining up cuts. This saw features a bevel scale and cursor on each side of the head, allowing you to always see one of them clearly. Extension wings provide workpiece support up to 21" from each side of the blade, and the cutoff stop mounts 11-1/2" to 19-1/2" from the blade.
Low points: The bevel stop system won’t allow angles beyond 45° without resetting the stop. You have to recalibrate it to establish the 45° stop again. The fence was not square to the table and had to be shimmed. The blade guard would not stay retracted when changing blades, making it more difficult. The burlap-like dust bag allows fine dust to escape through its pores. More points: The hold-in clamp holds stock against the fence without lifting, but has no quick-release on the threaded rod.

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