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Ridgid MS1250LZ 12" Compound Mitersaw

WOOD magazine rating


Motor 120v AC 15 Amp
Motor Speed 4,000 RPM
Blade Arbor 1"
Blade Diameter 12"
Weight 49 lbs.
Cutting Capacities:
Baseboard Against Fence 4-3/4"
Crown Molding Laying Flat 6-1/2"
Baseboard Laying Flat 7-7/8"
90° Cross Cut (nominal) 2" x 8" or 4" x 4"
45° Miter Cut (nominal) 2" x 6"
45° Bevel Cut (nominal) 2" x 8"

WOOD magazine review

This saw comes with its own stand

Review Summary

(This saw has been discontinued by Ridgid and replaced with model R4120.) High points: A retractable pin offers bevel stops at 33.9° and 45°, as well as angles up to 48°. An open-leg metal stand, not shown, comes with the saw. Low points: The 45° miter stops proved inaccurate even after we calibrated the 90° stop dead-on. The burlap-like dust bag allows fine dust to escape through its pores. The laser shines 1/16" to the left of the cut, making it tough to rely on it for accuracy.
More points: The miter scale is segmented in half-degrees for extra accuracy, but the marks are nearly impossible to see inside the cursor window. The horizontal hold-in clamp has a half-nut design that allows for quick adjustments, but when tightened even with little pressure it causes workpieces to lift off the table. In addition to its three-year warranty, Ridgid offers a lifetime service agreement offering free replacement parts.

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