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Craftsman 21205 12" Compound Mitersaw

WOOD magazine rating


This Craftsman 15-amp 12" Compound Mitersaw has a LaserTrac cutting guide for fast and easy setup. Featuring a lightweight, aluminum base, and including great extras like clamps and a dust bag, this miter saw is a great addition to your tool collection.
* Zero clearance throat plate
* Auxiliary sliding fence to support wood
* Dual view Bevel Scale for visibility on either side of the blade
* High-visibility miter base graphics with 9 positive detents
* Electric blade brake automatically stops blade in seconds
* Twist handle for increased comfort
* 2-1/2" dust port for America's best dust collection

WOOD magazine review

Handle adjusts for maximum user comfort

Review Summary

High points: This saw features a bevel scale and cursor on each side of the head, allowing you to always see one of them clearly. The handle rotates from a horizontal to pistol grip, the only saw in the test with this feature. Extension wings add 20" of support to both sides of the table. And the cutoff stop fits on the wings from 11" to 18" from the blade. The hold-down clamp also works on the extension wings.
Low points: The bevel stop system won’t allow angles beyond 45° without resetting the stop. You have to recalibrate it to establish the 45° stop again. The 45° miter stops proved inaccurate even after we calibrated the 90° stop dead-on. The fence was not square to the table and had to be shimmed. The laser shines 1/8" from the cutline, making it tough to rely on it for accuracy.

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