Bosch JS365 Jigsaw

WOOD magazine rating


• Powerful 6.5-Amp motor
• Variable speed - Dial sets maximum speed and accelerator trigger controls operating speed.
• Exclusive multi-directional blade clamp provides superior grip of T-shank blades. (JS365 does not accept U-shank blades.)
• Tool-less Blade Change System—Fast and effortless blade installation and removal
• Precision-machined plunging mechanism and low-vibration design for enhanced accuracy and smooth operation
• Sturdy die-cast foot with steel insert and on-board bevel Allen key storage
• Four orbital-action settings -Different blade strokes for smooth to aggressive cuts.
• Adjustable dust blower keeps cutting line clear
• Ergonomic top handle and two-finger trigger for versatile, comfortable grip
• Ambidextrous lock-on button – For steady long cuts and user comfort and control.

WOOD magazine review

Nice price, nice cutting

Review Summary

This is Bosch’s “middle-of-the-pack” jigsaw: It’s not the least expensive or most expensive, and its feature set reflects that. It’s got a powerful motor with variable speed dial as well as variable trigger, but the trigger has an annoying delay before the motor responds. It cut nicely in all materials when using a sharp blade. The top grip is comfortable to hold, with a rubber overmold grip that’s not too large in diameter.
The blade guide roller kept the blade tracking pretty close to 90° to the foot (about 1/32" of deflection in 3/4"-thick stock). The foot tilts in both directions, but there are no markings other than the 0° detent, so it can be tricky to set an exact bevel angle. And even though it’s easy to release the blade from the chuck with a front-mounted lever, it does not eject the blade the way the higher-end Bosch saws do. But overall, this is a really good jigsaw for a reasonable price.

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