Bosch 1584VS barrel grip jigsaw

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Bosch barrel grip jigsaw, no longer in production.

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BOSCH barrel-grip jigsaw Model 1584VS

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A barrel grip jigsaw, this particular model has been the best unit I have owned or used in 35 years of woodworking. As a barrel grip, your hand is much lower to the working surface. This affords better control, easier to follow the cut line, resulting in an excellent finished step. The shoe shifts easily to give opportunity for times when a flush cut is required. The speed control as well as the switch to control the orbiting action of the blade are right at the fingertips.
Changes "on-the-fly" become intuitive with no loss of control. And the available dust control system is acceptable, depending on the material being cut. An extra splinter control insert is included with the saw and extras are readily available from Bosch. I purchased my saw when Bosch was including saw blades for no extra charge; there were 18 cards of blades at 5 per card, so I have yet to replace any of these blades. Bosch has recently been offering some excellent blades recently, however, which I have purchased. They are ever bit as good as Bosch claims, and then some. My jigsaw is 5 years old now and still runs as thought it were brand new. This has been one of the best tools I have owned and I have recommended it on many occasions. This has been an excellent tool for my purposes (furniture design/build). Come the day when it must be replaced, I will look first and foremost at BOSCH. They build tools like I build my pieces; the very best way that I can.

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