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GREAT SAW… terrible dust collection

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12" sliding miter saw


I bought this saw a few days ago with the Ridged MSUV (Miter Saw Utility Vehicle). The saw was $500 and the stand was free with the saw purchase. It was a hard deal to pass up for such a great product and LIFETIME warranty. I have not had any problems yet with my saw (as it is only days old) but my buddy ruturned a 10 year old motor and was able to get a replacement for free. The laser needed some adjusting at first but it was very easy to do and is now very accurate. The only problem the saw has is its dust collection, The bag was not very easy to install and collects literally 5% of the dust. What little dust is collected falls out when you remove the bag because all the dust sits at the opening. This isnt much of problem if you are mainly working outdoors, however, if your like me and your saw is inside a shop or a garage, the whole area will become very dirty, very quick. Your only option is to rig something else up to where the dust bag goes. I have herd people using shop van hoses ect. and it solved the problem.

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Awesome tool… Terrible dust collection

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