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Scheppach M90700 6 1/4-inch Blade Plunge Saw with two 25" rails

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I pitty the competitors !

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This saw is the same as the Fox Shop , Grizzly and a few other brand track saws(they are injection molded in different colors). I am very happy with the saw, but have made some upgrades. The spring is very strong on the saw which make it hard to do one hand operation, which would be common with a circular saw. I cut off about 1 1 1/4 inch of the spring and now it's nearly perfect.
I have seen a great review of the Grizzly version of this saw by Marc from the Wood Whisperer, and he compared the cutting to a Festool ts 55. My complaint was he was comparing a $65 Festool blade to a $20 blade that comes with these saws. I updated the blade to a Freud 48 tooth Festool compatible saw blade, and the cut was twice as clean, almost perfect, though the original blade does a good job. I found the best price for this blade at Router Bit World. It was almost $8.00 less than Amazon. The really only down side of this version compared to the Woodstar, Shop Fox and Grizzly Track saw is that they come with a 55" track and the Scheppach comes with two 25" tracks which only equals 50". However, when the two tracks are aligned with a straight edge and connected tight it is very straight. I ordered a the Shop Fox 55" track from Amazon. It's been noted by a few that as the saw sets on the track that it has a slight rocking motion. Although I haven't found that this effects a square cut as of yet. It was something noted on the wood whisperer Grizzly track saw review. I fixed the problem of the saw tilting in the track by adding a glide strip in between the two risers in the track and completely eliminated the tipping issue and the saw seems to still be at a 90 deg for the cut. There is also a good tutorial on You Tube that deals with fixing the few flaws with this track saw system. My upgrades took my costs to just over that of the Grizzly track saw kit, but my saw has all the bells and whistles I could want with this saw. Problems fixed, top notch blade and 105" of track in total so I can rip a 4x8 sheet of ply or MDF. I recommend this saw over the other three versions, due to the cost savings on the actual saw which would allow you to dial it in with a new blade. Yes, this saw is really good straight out of the box, but make a few mods and your cut will compare to a Festool, although the dust collection on the Festool will still out preform this saw. The dust collection is still good on this saw, much cleaner than a circular saw. I'm estimating that hitched up to a descent shop vac that it collects about 90% of the dust. If you can't afford a Festool, Dewalt,Makita or Bosch, or your like me and just don't believe it's necessary to spend more to get great results, then purchase this saw. I love competition ! Unfortunately it looks as though I've purchased the last one of these at this price as Amazon no longer stocks them. So it looks like your best bet is to go with the Shop Fox or Grizzly. It's crazy but as soon as I purchased this one they disappeared from Amazon and they haven't had them since my original purchase back on the 1st Nov of 2013. I'm a cabinet maker and have a $9,000.00 panel saw which I wouldn't be without. But having this track saw along with it is a real time and back saver since I can break down the full sheets to a manageable size without having to mussel them onto the slide. Plus I can take this track saw into the field when needed. So much lighter,safer and more accurate than the worm drive Skil saw and a straight edge. Can't believe I waited as long as I did to get one of these !

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