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Grizzly T25552 Track Saw Master Pack

WOOD magazine rating


This track saw redefines the circular saw, making traditional circular saws obsolete! Its plunge-cutting action eliminates flip-up blade guards and its riving knife reduces the risk of pinching and kickback for a new revolution in safety. And, although this saw cuts like any other circular saw, the Guide Rail is indispensable for making straight cuts when cutting wide panels. No more unsafe, over-extended reaching, and poor balance while cutting wide panels on a table saw! Once you use this Track Saw, you'll never go back to your old circular saw!

Suitable for a variety of materials like solid wood worktops, double-coated MDF boards, etc.
Infinitely variable cutting depth up to 2-5/32"
Rail system for accurate and inclusive splinter-free cuts
Non-slip backing on the underside of the rail for secure grip on the workpiece
Sliding surfaces on the guide rail ensure smooth machine operation
Built-in riving knife for anti-kickback protection
Anti-tilt bar provides a secure grip on the guide rail for miter cutting
Includes saw blade
Continuous cutting depth limiter
Anti-kickback protection
Dust port for shop vacuum

Motor: 120V, 9A, 1.1 kW
Motor speed: 5500 RPM
Blade rim speed: 9,070 ft per second
Max cutting depth at 90D: without rail 2-5/32", with rail 1-31/32"
Max cutting depth at 45D: without rail 1-5/8", with rail 1-7/16"
Saw blade: 160mm x 20mm x 48 tooth
Distance between saw blade and wall: 5/8"
Dust port diameter: 1-1/2"
Weight 11 lbs.

Master Pack Includes: T10687 Track Saw, T24872 Guide Rail and T25094 Accessory Pack.

WOOD magazine review

Value-priced track saw cuts like a champ

Review Summary

Rail-guided track saws work great for cutting up sheet goods because they deliver accurate, splinter-free cuts safely. Until now, you couldn’t buy one for less than $500, but Grizzly’s T25552 provides all that precision at half the price. The saw powered through cuts in veneered plywood and melamine-coated particleboard without bogging down, and left edges free of tear-out, thanks to the 48-tooth carbide blade and the zero-clearance edge on the rail.
The saw glides smoothly along the rail, and it plunges nicely for cuts up to 2" deep. The T25552 kit also includes a 55" rail, two clamps, a stabilizer bar (to secure the saw to the rail during bevel cuts), and a connector for linking together an optional second rail for longer workpieces. —Tested by Dean Fiene

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