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DeWalt DWE575 Circular Saw

WOOD magazine rating


Among one of the lightest saws in its class at 8.8 lbs
15 amp motor, powerful enough for even the toughest applications
57° beveling capacity with stops at 45° and 22.5°
2 9/16 " Depth of cut capacity provides additional versatility of applications
Anti-snag Ball bearing lower guard provides smooth guard operation and long life in harsh environments
Toughcord provides longer durability against cord pull outs
Integrated dust blower function cleans the line of sight during cutting
Durable high grade Aluminum smooth base for accurate cuts
Clear line of sight aids in blade visibility from any angle
On-board blade wrench storage allows for easy access to the wrench

Amps 15Amps
Max Watts Out 1950W
No Load Speed 5200rpm
Bevel Capacity 57°
Bevel Stops 22.5 & 45
Rear Pivot No
Electric Brake No
Blade Diameter 7 1/4"
Depth of Cut at 90° 2.55"
Depth of Cut at 45° 1.9"
Tool Weight 8.8lbs

WOOD magazine review

Lightweight, handy to use

Review Summary

As a trim carpenter and remodeler, I appreciate what DeWalt’s engineers did with this saw: They made it light (8-1/2 lbs) and easy to use. That’s a pound less than DeWalt’s next-lightest 7-1/4" circ saw and nearly 4 lbs less than its heavy-duty model. And they did it without turning the tool into a toy. The aluminum base has been plenty durable for my needs, and the 15-amp motor packs enough punch to plow through treated pine, OSB laminated joists, and even 8/4 oak.
I’m not normally a bells-and-whistles guy, but what I like best about this saw is its integrated dust blower. The motor fan discharges air in front of the blade, blowing dust and chips off the cutline so I can clearly see and follow pencil marks and chalklines. Nice! —Tested by Dave Fish

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