Rikon 10-345 18" Bandsaw

WOOD magazine rating


• 12” Resaw Capacity
• Quick Release Blade Tension: Quickly release the blade tension when changing blades or when machine is off, increasing blade life
• Quick Release Fence w/ Drift Adjust: blade drift in your workpiece can be easily adjusted with resaw bar included
• 2 Speeds 1510/3220 ft/min: Allows cutting of non-ferrous materials
• 21” x 19” cast iron table
• Double Bearing Blade Guides: Adds stability and reduces friction for longer blade life
• Edge Facing Thrust Bearings: Extends blade life and improves stability
• (2) 4” Dust Ports: Attach your dust collection system for a cleaner work environment
• Tire Cleaning Brush: Decreases saw dust build up on wheels.
• Cast Iron Wheels
• Hinged Blade Guide with Sight Window
• Solid Cast Table Trunnion
• Resaw Height: 12"
• Throat Width: 18-3/8"
• Blade Width: 1/4" - 1-1/4"
• Blade Length: 142"
• Table Size: 21"x19"
• Left Tilt: 10°
• Right Tilt: 45°
• Groove "T"-Slot: (2) 3/8"x3/4"
• Table Height from Floor: 37-3/4"
• Motor: 11 Amps, 2-1/2 HP, 220V
• Speed Range: 1510/3220 ft/min

WOOD magazine review

Our Top Tool 18" bandsaw

Review Summary

High Points: Heavy wheels and ample motor power pushed this saw to finish at the top of our power testing. Dual ball bearings on each side of the blade proved the best of both worlds, creating less friction than disc-style guides while fully supporting 1-1/2" wide blades. Large table and the only one that can tilt left without changing the 0° stop. Instructions for blade selection, tensioning, and more are posted inside the lower wheel cover for easy reference.
Moving the drive belt to change blade speed is simple, thanks to a handwheel that controls belt tension—a big plus if your work requires speed changes. More Points: Hex wrenches needed for blade-guide adjustments store on the machine. Changing blades requires removal of the front fence rail, but no tools are needed for the job. The table has two miter slots, but no miter gauge comes with the saw. Requires 220-volt service (or a hefty 110-volt circuit and wiring.)

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