General International 14" Bandsaw #90-170B

WOOD magazine rating
General International


Heavy-duty one-piece frame designed for added stability. Requires no further assembly.
Dynamically-balanced cast-iron wheels with replaceable rubber tires.
Solid, high-quality, precision machined, ribbed cast-iron table with 45° right tilting action for bevel cuts.
Deluxe upper and lower blade guide bearings included.
2 cutting speeds for excellent results in either hard or soft woods.
Precision metal miter gauge and dual miter slots in table for stable precision cross cuts on either side of the blade.
Deluxe Excalibur bandsaw rip fence system with curved resaw guide block.
Onboard storage mounts for miter gauge and rip fence.
Smooth rack and pinion upper blade guard adjustment.
Quick release blade tension lever for fast blade changes.
Magnetic safety switch.
Large 12” resaw capacity.
Safety foot brake simultaneously slows down the blade and disconnects electrical circuit for quick blade stoppage and emergency shut-off.

Wheel size 14” (356 mm)
Wheel speeds (2) 588/840 RPM
Maximum blade width 3⁄4” (19 mm)
Minimum blade width 1/8” (3 mm)
Blade length 112'' (2845 mm)
Blade speeds 2300 & 3250 Lin FPM (690/975 Lin. MPM)
Table size 16” x 20” (406 x 508 mm)
Table tilt 0° TO 45° (RIGHT)
Table height 36 1/2” (927 mm)
Maximum width of cut 13 1⁄2” (343 mm)
Adjustable height of cut
12” (305 mm)
Dust collection port 2 x 4'' (102 mm)
Base dimensions (L x W) 25” x 15” (635 x 381 mm)
Motor 1 1/2 HP, 110 V, 1 PH 12.5 A
Weight 293 LBS (133 kg)

WOOD magazine review

12" resaw capacity

Review Summary

We like 14" bandsaws because they provide a good combination of curve-cutting and resawing (ripping on edge) capabilities. The steel-frame General International 90-170B does a great job cutting curves down to a 1/4" radius. And, out of the box, you can resaw up to 12" with no need to install a riser block (as you’d do on a C-frame bandsaw).
We had to feed hard species (oak, ash, hickory) slowly, though, when resawing to avoid tripping the saw’s protective internal overload switch. We like the foot-pedal brake for stopping the blade quickly, because the cast-iron wheels coast nearly 30 seconds before stopping. The rip fence has scales left and right of the blade; the seldom-used right-side scale helps greatly when ripping with the table tilted. You also get a 3-1/2"-tall resaw pivot extension that attaches to the fence. A quick-release tension lever makes for easy blade changes. But we had to run 1/4" blades on the front half of both wheels to keep the teeth from catching on the ball-bearing blade guides.

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