Craftsman 12" Bandsaw

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Craftsman 12" Band Saw with steel frame construction reduces deflection under full blade tension. With upper and lower blade bearing guides, friction is reduced while blade life is increased.

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Craftsman 12" Bandsaw

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Most 14" bandsaws provide a good combination of power, resaw capacity, and price. No wonder, then, that 14" saws have become a shop staple. Craftsman's 12" bandsaw (model 22400) offers ample power and more resawing capacity than most 14" bandsaws—at a price $100 less. The 22400’s all-steel design looks like a shrunken-down version of a 16"–18" steel-frame bandsaw.
And it sports many of the same big-time features, including a blade-tracking window, wheel-cleaning brush, and dual dust ports: a 2-1/2" port under the table and a 4" one behind the lower wheel. I found the all-ball-bearing blade guides easy to set and adjust, and I like that the back of the blade rolls on the perimeter of the thrust bearing, instead of wearing a groove on its face. After setting up the saw, I used the included 3/8" blade to resaw stacks of 7"-wide hardwoods—the maximum capacity of the 22400—and I never felt like it struggled. However, I struggled a bit with the included fence. It turns out that you use the same screws to adjust the fence perpendicular to the table and parallel to the blade. Unfortunately, I found a tweak in one plane messed up the alignment of the other, but eventually I got it dialed in. The huge 20-3/8x15-3/4" cast-iron table runs on a wide aluminum trunnion for stability, and I had no problem with it deflecting while I worked. A built-in work light illuminated the work area nicely. I was disappointed, though, that the 22400 lacks a quick-release blade tensioner, now almost a given on new bandsaws. And I wish, for resawing purposes, it would take a blade wider than 1/2". —Tested by Randy Zimmerman

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