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Woodhaven 7280 Bandsaw Fence

WOOD magazine rating


Bolts directly to existing holes in the 14" Delta, Jet, Ridgid and 14" imports.
Can be attached to other saws by drilling four holes.
The most rigid fence available, locks at both ends and adjusts for blade lead
Lifetime guarantee against defects in material or workmanship. Made in the USA

WOOD magazine review

Woodhaven Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence

Review Summary

We want a bandsaw fence to be intuitive to use, easy to take off and put back on, and have T-slots for mounting jigs and accessories. Woodhaven’s fence does all that and more. It starts with two 24"-long aluminum rails that mount to the holes in the saw’s table, with no drilling needed. These rails slide left and right when not locked, giving you plenty of options for fence position.
And, although the fence can’t simply be lifted off the rails, it’s only a five-second job to slide the rails to the right and then the fence to the left. No blade removal required. The fence itself is 24" long and 3" tall with eight T-slots, and holds solidly without deflecting. It’s easy to adjust square to the table and to correct blade drift. We like the included handy stop that mounts in the T-slots and prevents cutting into tenon shoulders. Finally, Woodhaven sells this fence with an optional circle-cutting attachment (#7285K, $183) that mounts onto the ends of the fence rails, enabling you to cut circles up to 26" in diameter.

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