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Rockler Bandsaw Fence

WOOD magazine rating


Extra-Large 24" x 24" surface made from sturdy 1-1/8" MDF with smooth melamine surface.
Adjustable 25-1/4" fence.
Quick-detach for easy blade changes.
Circle cutting attachment (included for free).
Includes standard 3/4" x 3/8" miter gauge track.

WOOD magazine review

Rockler Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence

Review Summary

For the price of competitors’ aftermarket fences, the Rockler 24504 provides an auxiliary table with perpendicular miter slots, a 3"-tall fence, and replaceable throat inserts. The 1-1⁄8"-thick, 24"-square MDF table easily clamped onto our bandsaw’s table and offers nearly twice as much surface area as typical factory tables. Removing blade drift proved easy and intuitive; we only had to adjust the two bolts that thread into the T-square end bracket (that mounts to the rails).
After that adjustment, we could resaw 1⁄8"-thick pieces of red oak with almost no deviation in thickness. A T-slot milled into the MDF fence face accepts featherboards, hold-downs, or stopblocks, but overtightening can crush the thin walls. (We’d prefer aluminum T-track in the fence.) With only one working face, this fence must be used left of the blade—a drawback when tilting the table because we like the workpiece to ride against the fence in that situation. Rockler includes a jig for cutting circles up to 26" in diameter.

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