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Kreg KMS7200 Precision Bandsaw Fence

WOOD magazine rating


Precision lens cursor for pinpoint accuracy
Incredibly strong and rigid for optimal durability and tighter workpieces
Easy to attach and remove for less downtime and more productivity
Adjustable in two dimensions for setting parallel with the blade
Fits most 14-inch band saws for versatility

WOOD magazine review

Kreg Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence

Review Summary

One of the main reasons we love the Kreg KMS7200 fence is because it lifts on and off anywhere along its mounting rail. The lock holds the 2-3⁄8"-tall fence securely when resawing, even with long workpieces that apply greater force against the fence. Fine-adjustment screws on the fence make it easy to counter blade drift. The fence sports T-slots on both faces as well as the top and bottom of the fence. So you can lay it sideways to reach under the blade guides for short, thin rips.
The microadjuster accessory (#KMS7215, $15) proved dead-on and well worth the price. It mounts to the left side of the fence and helps precisely dial in a rip cut. We used the microadjuster to find the exact center of a 3⁄4"-thick piece of red oak and resawed it at that point. The resulting cut showed almost no difference in thickness from end to end when checked with a caliper.

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