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Carter Magfence II Bandsaw Fence

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Carter Products


The next generation Carter MAGFENCE® II, magnetic fence takes quick attachment, release and adjustment to the next level of simplicity. With the addition of simple on-off switchable magnets the MAGFENCE® II easily attaches to most ferrous metal tables regardless of size. The switchable magnets allow instant and powerful magnet force to be applied to hold the fence firmly in place for any cutting, drilling, positioning or alignment need, then just as easily switched off for instant adjustment or removal.

Because there is no direct to table mounting required, the Carter MAGFENCE® II is universal to any size table. The unit is supplied with two switchable Magswitch® 150 magnets that can be moved inward and outward to fit the table size required. This model measures 15" long and 3" high. Accessory rigid plastic wear faces are available in both stock 3" and extended 5" heights for re-saw application.

• Universal fit on most ferrous metal tables
• Simple switch on-off hold
• Multiple t-slots for accessory attachment
• No attachment to saw required
• Easily attached and adjusted
• Quickly removable to use with multiple equipment
• Compatible with all next generation MAGFENCE® II accessories as well as most standard T-Slot fixtures

WOOD magazine review

Easy on, easy off fence holds solidly

Review Summary

Carter Products’ newest bandsaw fence eliminates the hassles common with bolt-on fence rails that get in the way of blade changes and the use of some jigs. Instead, the Magfence II installs with two included Magswitch MagJigs that grab the table with a simple turn of the knob on top of each. The MagJigs held the fence securely even when we resawed planks from a big white-oak slab. To adjust slightly for blade drift, we just released one magnet, nudged the fence, and then reengaged the magnet.
As a bonus, the MagJigs dismount from the fence so we can also use them with other shopmade jigs. The 3×15" Magfence II has T-slots on its face and top for attaching jigs and accessories, such as a 5" UHMW wear plate (MF2-SWF5, $29.95) available from Carter. There’s also a 3" version: MF2-SWF3, $24.95. You don’t need these slick wear plates to rip with the Magfence II—you could instead make your own from wood scraps—but we like them for keeping the aluminum fence safely away from the blade, especially when ripping thin strips or slabs.

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