Festool 5" Rotex RO 125 Multi-Mode Sander

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Festool 5" Rotex RO 125 Multi-Mode Sander
Festool 5" Rotex RO 125 Multi-Mode Sander


This sander gives you everything Rotex has to offer in a smaller, lighter package. The RO 125 puts 500 watts of power, dual-mode sanding, and triple-function performance into a comfortable, 4.4 pounds. This 5" sander does it all—coarse and fine sanding, and polishing. It is perfect for woodworkers, painters, solid surface fabricators, and anyone who needs to tackle a range of sanding tasks over the course of a day. The RO 125 incorporates near-total dust extraction, exceptional ergonomics, and many advanced features. This is a small sander that is perfect for big jobs.

Dual-Mode Sanding with a gear-driven, aggressive mode for rapid stock removal or polishing and random orbital mode for fine sanding.
Jetstream dust extraction design delivers highly efficient dust removal, resulting in cleaner air, better finishes, and longer abrasive and pad life.
FastFix tool-free backing pad changing system allows the sander to adapt to different surfaces and tasks with appropriate pads.
Compact Size with a compact form and a 5" pad, the RO 125 delivers performance to even the tightest of places.

Dust extraction port (27 mm)
Pad diameter 5" (125 mm)
Power consumption 500 watts / 4.2 amps 120 v AC
Sanding stroke 9/64" (3.6 mm)
Speed eccentric motion 3,000 - 6,000 opm
Speed rotary motion 300 - 600 rpm
Weight 4.4 lbs.

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I have had this sander for almost 10 years now. There is no sander on the market that I have ever had or seen that even compares to these. Truly a professional tool. It is heavy enough to absorb much of the vibration and help avoid Carpel Tunnel. It sands in two modes, the aggressive one is really fast. Slightly hard to use, but you will get used to it and slowly guide it to the right - when you do get the hang of it you will forever love this sander.
Great dust collection when paired with their vacuum. It is a very expensive sander, and the sandpaper has it's own set a holes that only Festool makes. Also expensive. But worth every penny if you are a professional since it saves much time. Festool has fantastic customer service thoroughly backing up their products that does help make up for the expense of their tools. I had my sander bearings fail after 4 years of use. I sent it back to them after a call to their 800 number and a couple of weeks later got it back rebuilt with no charge at all. It has worked perfectly ever since. After 7 years I was rolling the sander and the vacuum into a jobsite and the plastic housing on the vacuum broke where the back wheels ride. I called Festool and they sent me an entire lower section of the vacuum with new wheels for NO charge at all. Over the years I have become a Festool fan with two other sanders, router, two track saws, jig saw, and domino. All excellent tools.

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