Fein 6" Random Orbital Sander

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Fein MSF 636-1 6" Dust-Free Random Orbit Sander.FEIN Dust-Free sanding systems integrate a variety of sanders and vacuums into complete systems that can capture up to 98% of the dust created by sanding.

From the manufacturer:
High sanding capacity on all materials. The largest stroke and fastest orbit per minute of any random orbit sander on the market, which can reduce your sanding time up to 30%. Powerful 380 watt, 7500 RPM, universal random orbit sander with direct dust extraction through eight holes in the bottom of the pad. Hook and loop sandpaper make paper changes easy, and improve paper life. Includes: protective extractor hood, eccentric head for 6 in. sanding pad, one 6 in. medium sanding pad with hook and loop fastener, and one set of wrenches. Hose not included.

Product Description
Includes 6-in Dust-Free Random Orbit Sander - MSF 636-1, 6-in Eccentric Head, 6-in Medium Backing Pad, Protective Suction Hood, Wrench Set

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Fein 6" Random Orbital Sander

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This Fein 6" sander is the type of tool that makes you gulp at spending this much. After numerous sanders and orbital sanders I bit the bullet. Ever get a tool and it does exactly what it says it will do. Random orbital sanding without a line of dust from two inches below the belt to 4 inches above.
The only negative is the long hose to the vacuum, it will at times get a little unyielding as you work your way around a project. If you can get someone to demonstrate the unit have them put down a black mat or towel and watch the dust coming off the disc. It just gets sucked right back into the pad. Under a blacklight it's even more dramatic. Pricey but will replace all your other orbital sanders.

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