DeWalt 5" Random Orbital Sander DW421

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DeWalt's 5-inch random-orbit sander is a great tool for professional woodworkers and painters, as well as homeowners looking for a reliable sander for do-it-yourself projects. It has a 2 amp motor that provides 12,000 orbits per minute, with a 3/32 orbit diameter. Its controlled finishing system maintains consistent control over the pad speed, minimizing gouging at startup. We found that the sander removes material quickly and leaves a good finish. While it has less vibration than many sanders we've tried--thanks in part to DeWalt's dual-plane counterbalanced fan--we found that gripping the tool from the side rather than from the top seemed easier on the hands, and thought the top grip could get tiresome in extended-use situations. We liked the dust canister configuration on this tool, which uses a simple and effective twist-lock mechanism to prevent air pressure from popping the canister off the tool. The sealed switch prevents problems from dust contamination. The kit comes with the sander, a dust collector, a vacuum attachment, and a case

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I bought this little sander secondhand at a garage sale for 20 bucks. I didn't even clean it up, just started using and abusing it for three years now and it is still going strong! I have had to replace the velcro on it several times, but I just sand the old off and epoxy new velcro back on. It is hooked to my vac every time it is used and the insides are very clean. I couldn't ask for a better running, quiet, reliable sander.

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