Grizzly Triangular Sander G9907

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The pad rotates at 8,000 orbits per minute with a .040" eccentric motion for a finish without scratches. Sanding pads have a 6-1⁄4 square inch surface area, with flow through holes to direct dust to the 1-1⁄4" dust port. Pads are easily changed with the hook-and-loop attachment system.

WOOD magazine review

Good value, but order more abrasives with it

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If you need a detail sander for just a few jobs a year, you want a tool that noses into corners without digging too deep into your wallet. The low-price Grizzly Triangular Sander (G9907) is just the ticket. I recently completed assembling a hall table and realized I had planned to round over some edges that I could no longer get to with a router. When I powered up the G9907, I was surprised at how little it vibrated compared to my palm sander.
Yet it removed stock quickly, and in no time flat I had sanded all the round-overs with one piece of sand-paper. That single piece of 100-grit abrasive is all that comes with the sander, so make sure you get extra when you pick up the tool; Grizzly sells a 5-pack of assorted grits from 60 to 240 for $3. Two minor criticisms: First, the tail of the tool is the most comfortable place to hold it, but I liked to keep my hand closer to the nose of the tool (where the body is bulkiest) for best control. Second, the cooling fan on the motor tended to blow dust up and into my face when I tilted the sander from flat. Still, for the few times I need it, I can live with both, and spend the money I saved for other tools and projects.

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