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FEIN is pleased to introduce the new START PLUS kit, the universal system for interior work and renovation. Whether you're remodeling, restoring or refinishing, you'll get more done faster with the powerful, heavy-duty FEIN MULTIMASTER. And the new START PLUS kit comes with a wide range of accessories for all your applications. Best of all, it's backed by the superior quality of FEIN: the original innovators of oscillating technology.

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Fein MultiMaster Detail Sander

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We expect excellent quality and performance from a top-dollar tool and we got it with the MultiMaster. In short, it's a professional-grade tool that fits comfortably in the hand and runs quietly through its full 12,000-21,000 oscillations-per-minute speed range. The tool's thin, triangular sanding head makes it easy to sand into tight spaces, such as between slats of Mission-style furniture, and into corners.
We quickly learned that the center-pivoting pad of the MultiMaster sands aggressively, even using the finest abrasives supplied with the kit (120 grit). To minimize scratching, we had to lighten hand pressure on the tool and keep it moving. We replaced MultiMaster's sanding head with the segment saw blade and flush-cut dowel pegs without marring the surrounding surfaces. The blade's mounting screw protrudes below the bottom of the blade, which limited cutting dowels that were within 1" of the edge of the workpiece. (Fein sells an offset blade for flush-cutting without any restrictions.) And the offset scraper blade offers a power assist for scraping tasks, such as removing glue, caulking, putty, vinyl tile, etc.

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