Bosch Corner/Detail Sander

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2.6 amps and 13,000 to 19,000 orbits per minute: ensures fast, smooth results on all surfaces
True finishing sander motion with no arcing or pivoting, provides uniform sanding
Tool-free pad changes are quick and hassle-free
Low-vibration design engineered for smooth running and operator comfort
Ergonomic soft-grip top designed for comfort
3-position pad extends paper and pad life
Built-in dust port keeps dust away from work surface
Double-insulated, UL-listed, complies to OSHA

WOOD magazine review

Bosch Corner/Detail Sander

Review Summary

Instead of pivoting from the center like the Fein MultiMaster, the Bosch 1294VSK's sanding pad orbits like the pad of a finish sander (at 13,000-19,000 orbits per minute). This orbiting action results in a nearly scratch-free finish. And yet, the tool removes material almost as aggressively as a random-orbit sander. The five interchangeable pads and extensions provided with the 1294VSK kit swap quickly and easily, thanks to a tool-free connection.
We used this feature more often, though, to rotate a fresh corner of the sandpaper to the front point, where the abrasive wears fastest. Those extensions all serve specific purposes: with the extension pad, we sanded under the toe space of a cabinet; the narrow extension fit well between the spindles on an end table. The oval extension isn't flat, but gently curved, and works great for sanding contoured pieces. We only have one concern about the narrow extensions: none of our local tool stores carry replacement abrasives in stock, but they could order them for me. You can also find them online through the dealer locator on Bosch's website.

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