Porter-Cable 371K Compact Belt Sander

WOOD magazine rating


# Power: 120 VAC
# Amps: 5.0 Amps
# SFPM: 1100
# Belt Size: 2-1/2" x 14"
# Length: 17 "
# Width: 4.5 "
# Height: 5.5 "
# Weight: 5 lbs
# Shipping Weight: 8.0 lbs

WOOD magazine review

Compact belt sander delivers big performance

Review Summary

Some purists consider a belt sander a crude woodworking tool, capable of hogging away material in a hurry, but not good enough for fine work. That’s because belt sanders usually weigh 12 lbs. or more and prove cumbersome. Porter-Cable’s 371K compact belt sander has broken those barriers and earned a place in my shop. This tool is not like any belt sander I’ve used. First of all, it weighs only 5 lbs.
Second, its compact body, full-length rubber-grip back, and removable front handle make it easy to maneuver—even with one hand—into tight places and overhead without my arms getting weary. And third, the dust collection proves surprisingly effective when hooked up to my shop vacuum. I began using the 371K to sand planer snipe and scallop marks from 700 linear feet of 3"-wide trim I milled for my house. It would take a random-orbit sander a week to do that job, but I did it in just a few hours with this dandy and didn’t feel like I’d just wrestled a hog. The 371K proved invaluable as I used it to scribe the back edges of laminate countertops—with excellent one-handed control—to match my kitchen walls. I’d struggle to get that kind of fit with a big belt sander. After using the sander for extended uses it got a little hot—as I’d expect with any power tool—but the rubber grip insulated my hand from the heat. The 371K comes with one 80-grit, 2-1⁄2"×14" belt. I recommend getting some finer grits as well because I was able to sand an edge-joined coffee table top smoother than I expected (180 grit), saving me a few steps with my finish sander. —Tested by Kevin Boyle

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