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Grizzly G0527 18" Wide-Belt Sander

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Motor: 5 HP, 220v, single-phase, 60 Hz, 1725 RPM
Conveyor feed motor: 1/2 HP
Elevation motor: 1/3 HP
Conveyor Speed: 16.4, 23, 32.8 FPM
Maximum board width: 17-1/2"
Maximum board thickness: 6"
Minimum board length: 9"
Minimum board thickness: 1/8"
Surface speed of drums: 3550 FPM
Approx. shipping weight: 1008 lbs.


Digital control panel
Disc brake for emergency stops
Dust proof photo electric eye
Pneumatic belt tensioning
4 rubber pressure rollers
4" dust port
Digital amp meter

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Hate Sanding/ love wide belt

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I absolutely hate sanding so I bit the bullet and bought this pricey wide belt sander and it has become one of my most used tools. I almost never use my planer now . This machine is accurate to within a few thousand's of an inch,and easy to use. You merely punch in the exact measurement you need on the key pad and it automatically goes right to that thickness setting, which shows on the digital read out. It practically eliminates most hand sanding.
And with a wide belt sander you never have to worry about snipe associated with planers. The belts are easy to change and can be done in just seconds. It has worked flawlessly since 2006 and if it broke tomorrow and I couldn't get it fixed I'd buy another one in a heart beat, although I'd get a little wider one, for even more versatility. It's one of those tools that once you've used one you could never be without one again! There are a lot of different brands and models of these on the market , but no one has better customer service than Grizzly and when your spending this kind of money, that's important. Many different grits and belt qualities are available but I've found that a 150 grit pretty much meets my needs for all around sanding.

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