Delta 31-260X Drum Sander

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The DELTA 31-260X 18x36" drum sander features enough power to handle heavy material removal, but also has the ability to handle intricate finishing jobs with incredible precision. The 1-1/2-hp induction motor features a six-groove belt design for maximum power transfer. The 18" variable-speed drum operates at 2,210 or 3,300 SFPM for fast or ultrafast material removal. The large, sturdy steel base is designed to virtually eliminate vibration for more accurate sanding, and the cast-iron table construction provides a stable base that is precision-machined for greater durability and longer life. The 31-260X keeps the workspace clean and free of dust and debris with its blow-molded dust hood which is designed to extract dust without letting any escape into the work area.

WOOD magazine review

The drummer with large capacities and lots of power

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With the largest workpiece capacities in the test of five—nearly 36" wide and 4" thick—this 18"-wide drum sander proved robust and stable. It has two drum speeds (2,210 fpm for most work and 3,300 for fine-grit finishing), but changing the belt to switch speeds was more trouble than it was worth. A third hand would help to hold the drum steady when installing sanding belts because it takes both hands to operate the spring clips and insert the belt ends.
And we could see the belt slipping on the drive roller when the drum began to bog down. Bottom line: A good performer for a premium price.

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