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Porter-Cable 1-1/4 HP Compact Router Kit

WOOD magazine rating


• Compact, lightweight design enables comfortable and assured control in any routing application.
• Durable 1.25-HP motor delivers more power than other compact routers.
• Soft-starting motor features full-time electronic feedback that maintains motor speed through the cut.
• Adjustment ring enables controlled bit depth changes to within 1/64". Depth ring and clamping mechanism combine to ensure motor remains locked in position.
• Low-pressure spindle lock button allows for comfortable, single wrench bit changes.
• Multiple shaft-lock detents enable quick and simple bit changes.
• Plunge base has a fine-tune adjustment rod for precise depth setting.
• Motor can be transitioned quickly and easily between fixed and plunge bases.
• 5-position adjustable turret enables stepped or repeated plunge cuts.
• Up to 1.5" of depth travel with fixed base and 2" with plunge base.
• Overmolded rubber handles provide a comfortable and secure grip (plunge base only).
• Aluminum motor housing and base construction provides long term durability.
• 4" diameter subbase accepts universal template guides (fixed base only).
• Plunge base platform provides added stability for heavier applications and subbase accepts universal template guides.
• Extended 8-slot 1/4" collet maximizes surface contact with router bit shank for a tighter grip.

• Power: 1.25 HP
• Amps: 7.0
• No Load Speed: 27,000 rpm
• Motor Diameter: 2.70"
• Collet: 1/4"
• Base Dimension: 4" (standard); 4-3/8"x5-3/4" (plunge)
• Weight: 4.1 lbs

WOOD magazine review

Nice size, single speed mini-router

Review Summary

A lightweight plunge router is perfect for delicate jobs, such as hinge mortises and inlays. Porter-Cable delivered that and more with this compact router kit. At 1-1⁄4 hp, it has more power than a trim router at half the weight of a midsize router. That makes it nimble for fine work, yet stout enough for many routine routing jobs, such as edge profiles, rabbets, dadoes, and pattern routing. Used with plunge and fixed bases, the motor slips effortlessly from one base to the other.
Routing dadoes and rabbets and keyhole slots for a bookshelf, 1"-deep mortises in table legs, and multiple edge profiles, never bogged the router down. You get 1-1⁄2" of height adjustment on the fixed base and 2" on the plunge base. The plunge base also has four fixed turret depth stops and one adjustable stop. But it has only one speed: 27,000 rpm.

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