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Hitachi M12V2 3-hp Plunge Router

WOOD magazine rating


Powerful 15 Amp motor delivers top of class cutting speed to rout through hardwoods with ease
Soft start motor produces 3-1/4 peak HP, while reducing torque during start up
Equipped with an electronic variable speed dial, the M12V2 produces 8,000- 22,000 RPMs for a wider range of cutting applications and a wider range of materials
Variable speed dial is conveniently located on the handle so the user can finely adjust the rotation speed without removing a hand or eyes from the work piece
Unique quick & fine adjustment knob combines both functionalities into the same mechanism to quickly and accurately dial plunge depths
Easily converts to table use
Bits can be easily changed from a table mounting as the collet chuck is designed to protrude 6mm from the upper side of the table
Equipped with an improved collet chuck that secures the bit into the armature shaft for maximum hold
Dust guide diverts dust and debris away from the work piece and user
Weighs 13.9 lbs making it safe and stable for freehand routing
Ergonomic design for enhanced comfort and control
Elastomer covers the handles to reduce transfer of vibration and prevent slippage

Full-Load Current 15 Amps
Power Input 2,000 Watts
Peak Horse Power 3-1/4
No-Load Speed 8,000-22,000
Constant Speed Control Yes
Soft Start Yes
Plunge Stroke 2-9/16"
Brake No
Switch Type Slide
Soft Grip Yes
Quick & Fine Adjustment Yes
Dust Guide Yes
Speed Control Dial Position Handle
Max. Collet Capacity 1/2"
Tool Weight 13.9 lbs

Straight Guide (956797)
Centering Gauge (325223)
Dust Adapter (325215)
Template Guide Adapter (325224)
Guide Bar (325216)
Wing Bolt (301806)
Wrench (323295)
1/4" Collet (323293)
1/2" Collet (301795)
4mm Hex Bar Wrench (944458)

WOOD magazine review

Lots of accessories with this Top Value router

Review Summary

Top Value in WOOD's review of 3-hp routers (Dec.
2013) High Points:  Comes with more accessories than any other tested 3-hp router. Low Points:  With the second-stiffest plunge action of all tested routers and a plunge lock that defaults to free-plunge until you manually secure the lever, this router takes some getting used to for handheld jobs.  At 15-1/2 lbs, this router is heavy and feels awkward and top-heavy.  Although its subbase has a 3-7/8" opening, the 3-7/16" base opening limits the use of larger bits.  The depth-stop lock allowed 1/64" of slippage over 25 test plunges.  The speed dial is marked in increments from 1 to 6, with no reference chart for actual speeds. More Points:  The leadscrew extension makes bit-height changes easier than most, handheld or table-mounted.  The owner’s manual instructs you to remove the plunge spring for use in a router table—an easy job—but it needs to be replaced for handheld routing.

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